Linking Landscapes Symposium

From Islands to Networks: Linking landscapes for conservation at a time of climate change

CVBAs second annual Symposium held in Bendigo on May 12th 2017 was a great success – providing around 120 attendees the chance to hear the latest knowledge on large-scale patterns of ecological connectivity in Victoria and southeastern Australia, and how we can restore it where it has been lost (Connectivity Symposium Program).

Speakers at the Symposium. From Top left, Judy Crocker, Ary Hoffman and Rebecca Jordan, Andrew Bennett, Gary Howling, Peter Sanders, James Nelsson, Rohan Hogan, Veronica Doerr, Paul Dettmann, Doug Robinson, Kylie Durant, Brian Bainbridge

We are working to make short reports, audio recordings of talks and powerpoint presentations available for download on this webpage. Below are pdfs of three of the scientist presentations:

Feedback we received from the Symposium

Symposium attendees included members of CVBA member Landcare and conservation networks, staff from State and local government, CMAs and other agencies, university and TAFE staff and students, consultants and others. There were also 13 speakers. Feedback sheets were received from 52 of the 105 attendees. To keep the feedback form simple, only two questions were asked: What worked for you and why? What would you change?

Responses were universally positive about the Symposium. Most commented on the high quality of speakers and presentations. Many appreciated hearing from both scientists about research, and practitioners taking action. Other positives included the topics, networking opportunities, venue, and smooth organisation of the day.   Specific comments included: “Encouragement to keep going” “Inspirational” “Comfortable atmosphere to dialogue and ask questions” “Great information” “Topics relevant and informative” “Please run annually it’s important to bring people together” “Good insight into how my projects might be able to fit in with others”.

In response to the question about what you would change, a variety of specific, constructive suggestions were made to improve the symposium. These related to program format (particularly to break up long talk sessions), content, and opportunities for networking and discussion. The CVBA Board has already set up a working group to start planning the 2018 symposium, and these suggestions will be carefully considered.

Other broader suggestions are relevant to future CVBA activities and events:

  • So many times at functions like this, we come to the same endpoint “How do we mainstream this stuff?” “How do we make government take notice?” Need to start looking and radical solutions….
  • I want to know how we can co-operate to produce large scale effective change – would like more of the scientific evidence and some sociology around communities.
  • Perhaps some form of outcome beyond a general information session/opportunity for network? Gathering the collective intelligence of the community to produce some form of formal suggestions/plans/ideas for future work and involvement. Way to create commitment/to attend some future action.
  • Site visit would be great but feasibility?
  • This question should be: how will you use these presentations and change what you do?