Inaugural General Meeting – a new constitution and board

Member networks of Central Victorian Biolinks held an Inaugural General Meeting on August 19th 2015 in Bendigo where a new constitution was adopted and a board and executive positions were elected. At the meeting a vote was also taken to establish Central Victorian Biolinks Alliance as an incorporated body.

At the meeting Gary Howling gave an overview of the Great Eastern Ranges (GER) initiative setting the context for thinking around potential collaborative projects with the Central Victorian Biolinks area and with other GER delivery partners along the extent of the corridor.

The meeting marks a significant milestone for CVB. There was much enthusiasm at the meeting from the new board and other members to take on the task of implementing CVBs vision and goals.


Participants at the CVB Inaugural General Meeting; From left, Michael Moore, Karen Alexander, Sophie Bickford, Ann McGregor, Irene Punton, Amanda Gauci, Helen Raddige, Anthony Gallaher, Judy Crocker, Omar Farwal, Sonia Sharkey , Jin Soon, Paul Foreman, Peter Mitchell, James Williams.